Hello, Welcome to my Review of Funnelmates,  FIRST EVER System That Simplifies List Building Affiliate Funnels
To Something Anyone Can Use.

Funnelmates review 2022

This blog may help you in the Following aspects with help of Email Marketing:

Lawn care Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Technology companies

Local Business lead generation

HAVC lead generation

And Many MORE



In an Ideal Online world business that capture leads through funnels make More sales than Business that Don’t. In short, Building Lists for businesses these days have become an Important aspect. Here are Some reasons WHY: 

According to Studies and Trends, On Average, Out of every 100 visitors on a Business page

  • 30% people are not Interested in buying, They are Just Looking.
  • 30% Don’t Think they are interested in Buying. (may buy at a later stage) Important
  • 6-7% are open to the Idea.
  • only 3% are ready to buy

In short, 97% of your visitors are not Ready to buy form you Just now. That’s why Getting People on Your List becomes So Critical as they may convert into Successful Lead in the near future. Even worse? 70% of the People once gone are never going to come back.

In fact, 

If you don’t have a lead capture funnel at the right time, offering a lead magnet perfect for what that client, visitor or curious potential customer wants…

You’re in BIG trouble…

So, yes. In an ideal world we would all have an ideal funnel for each and every ideal situation in the moment it’s needed.

And in that same ideal world we’d all be earning big fat paychecks from our finely tuned email sequence.

The Problem with Funnels?

Here are some of the Problems one can face when it comes to Making a lead capturing Profitable funnel for a Business.

1.  Great Funnels require Hard work, time and Skills. Here is what a funnel Consists of:
  1. A Lead Magnet as an incentive, (a free PDF, Free toolbar, Browser Extension etc)
  2. A Professional Landing Page/ Opt-in Page (for capturing Emails)
  3. Thank you Page/ Download Page
  4. Professional sales Copy Written for Pages.
  5. Follow Up Emails in Sequence
  6. Emails Loaded into Autoresponder (Usually Paid)
  7.  Emails written regularly when the autoresponder sequence
    runs out.
2.Creating A Funnel Costs MONEY:

You may need a software Like Builder-all, Zoho etc to Create the pages mentioned above, Design the graphics, Format the PDFs or Generate Emails. Some of these Software have the Following Prices:

1. Zoho:  $50 per month for an Organization

2. Builder-all: $30/month

Even Worse, You’ll have to Pay for a Domain Name, Web Hosting and Many more Things. An Alternative to all this may be “Outsourcing” the process, But that too is Expensive.

Lets talk about a “Done-for-you” Funnel  Generator: ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels cost like 297/month for it’s DFY services but you still have to do the Hard work; For instance

• Write sales copy (that converts…)
• Design the pages
• Create the lead magnet
• Write the email follow ups
• Pray to God it makes some sales so you can cover next month’s rebill! :))


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